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Hi there (again), I’m Richard

A former (struggling) IB student that wants to make life easier for fellow students. 



I'm Richard Nguyen, an IB45 (ATAR equivalent 99.95) alumnus from Queensland's top-achieving school (QASMT). Moving from a small pond to a bigger pond meant meeting a lot of bigger fish. Or in this case, many more high achievers.   ​


Long story short:  I struggled a lot in IB. ​ People look at my score and assume that I was a perfect GPA 7.0 student. A student that had it easy. ​ In reality, I was an insecure, stressed-out-of-my-mind, sleepless-zombie student.


I was always comparing myself to the thriving students who kept getting their "Silly Golden awards" whilst a voice kept whispering: ​ "You could do better". ​ So I worked hard for that score, and I know you can too. My story is not one of a "naturally talented and gifted" student, rather, it is the story of a kid who acknowledged his potential and who put in the work and the hours.

I've learned a lot: about myself, the exams, and the tricks.

I'm passionate to instill that into others. ​

To let you know that it's ok and that you can do it too.

My vision is to create an intimate team capable of helping others in the demanding program that is the IB. 

We struggled, so you don't have to. 


International Baccalaureate Results

November 2021

Chemistry HL

Biology HL

Economics HL

Language and Literature (English) SL

Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches) SL

German Ab. SL 

Theory of Knowledge

Extended Essay









I did really well in my English IO (38/40), reach out for any questions or help! You don't even need to book a lesson.

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