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How does it work?

I've seen too many companies where tutors and students are seen as faceless "1's and 0's", randomly assigned with little to no care. 

We want to give back a more genuine connection and greater control for students that will ensure you get to your goals.  

3 simple steps 

Pick your tutor

Learn about your tutor, their subjects and teaching style. Find the one right for you.  

Book a lesson

Book from our calender showing the weekly availbilities of your tutor. 


Communicate with us in which we'll send you everything you need before your lesson.


How does payment work? 

Payment can be done either online when you book your lesson, or you can pay after when we send your invoice. 

What else does IBe45 provide?

IBe45 provides more than high-scoring and quality tutors, we give both students and tutors resources including exemplar IA's and past exam questions to ensure optimal preparation.

Where does tutoring take place? 

Tutoring will typically be Online although arrangements can be made to have lessons at public libraries such as State Library Queensland. Tutors like Richard and Aryan tutor there, whilst Daisy is exclusively online. However, just reach out with any questions! 

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