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Hi there, my name is Daisy.

Throughout my high school years, I’ve always struggled a lot with perfectionism and self-discipline, which resulted in many sleepless nights and stressful study sessions. To be honest, I think I single-handedly funded the coffee section at our local Coles.

In the end, I graduated with an IB44!

    My Story

    As a third -year Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University, I am constantly faced with new and complicated concepts in Chemistry and Biology. This really brings me back to my academic struggles in high school and further inspired me to go out and help make this process easier for fellow students.


    Based on my experience with Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology, I deeply understand the frustration that can arise when a theory or concept just doesn’t make sense, and I’ll try my best to explain it in various different ways until you are able to fully make use of this knowledge.

    Once the mocks and finals came around though, I deeply realized how important consistency was when it comes to achieving the best results. This is also when I realized that there are so many students out there who are just as lost as I was, and by undertaking a tutor role, I hope to help these students make the right shift in their mindset and habits as soon as possible.


    Additionally, I am a very active committee member of the Monash Parkville Student Union and a strong believer in trying out new things and expanding my network as much as possible. After studying with me, I hope that you will not only become a better student but also be more inspired to explore the vast opportunities that are available to you, such as leadership programs at your school/university and any volunteering programs that you find interesting.

    My final IB grades:

    Chemistry HL

    Biology HL

    Economics HL

    Language and Literature (English) B HL

    Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches) HL

    Vietnamese A SL 

    Theory of Knowledge

    Extended Essay









    I got 19/20 for my Maths IA, 22/24 for my Chemistry IA, and 8/10 for my TOK Essay so I’m more than willing to help students with these assessment items!

    Book a Lesson with me!

    I tutor all the subjects I did in the IB (listed above). I do live in Melbourne and we can only do in person if you live here as well. If you do elsewhere, we can do online using Zoom or Google Meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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