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Hello, you can call me Phum

I’m currently studying physiotherapy at UQ and working as a mathematics tutor and in hospitality. I have a passion for the sciences, healthcare, as well as history and philosophy. I obtained an IB of 43 in 2021 and have a preference to teach HL Chemistry, HL Biology, AA SL Mathematics and AB Initio Japanese.

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My Story

I dedicated an extensive amount of time teaching and supporting peers in each subject throughout the diploma journey, familiarising myself with past papers and various effective study strategies to tackle the IB. My tutoring style is driven by patience and the understanding I gain of a student’s current limitations and strengths, allowing myself to tailor lessons.

Moreover, I’m also highly familiar with methods to best prepare for the IB outside of pure academics; training mentalities, values, and habits to prepare students for finals, and for university life. In my free time (if I have any) I enjoy sketching, photography and often reading

The IB is a war. You’ll win some and lose some. So, make sure to take time to rest and to check in with friends and family. You sacrifice a lot in 3 years, but if you let it – you’ll reap the rewards for many years to come!

My final IB grades

Psychology HL: 

English Language and Literature  SL: 


Chemistry HL:


Mathematics AA SL:     


Japanese Ab. SL: 


Biology SL:           


Theory of Knowledge: 


Extended Essay:                                           









Book a lesson with me!

I tutor HL Chemistry, HL Biology, AA SL Mathematics and AB Initio Japanese. I'm always open to have an initial chat. Feel free to send me an email with any questions.

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