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IBe45 Sale!

Using the code "TERM2", get 15% off your 1st lesson!

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Quality Private Tutoring 

Premium tutoring from high-achievers and experts in their subjects. 

People who've been through the same rigorous IB just like you, and genuinely care about your learning. 

With us, you pick your weekly tutor, who will be there to consistently foster your education into a capable IB learner. 

You've come for a tutor but we'll give you that and more.

We're more than monotone teachers, we're mentors who care about your growth.



I am Richard Nguyen 

I'm an IB45 graduate who never got a GPA of 7.0 in highschool (not until the end anyways). 

I know students are capable of improving and getting their dream score, and I know you can be one of them. 


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What Do We Teach?

We teach a wide range of subjects from Physics and Chemistry to Film and Psychology.

Our tutors have gotten 7's in their subjects and have vast experiences to draw from to give you the best of the best. 

Language and Literature: SL and HL 

As a person who got 4's or 5's in English, I know how impossible it seems to improve. After all, it's so subjective, right!?

Well after getting a 38/40 for my Individual Oral and scoring a 7 for my finals, I KNOW you can do it too. 

Mathematics: SL and HL

I was never the perfect Math student. But I didn't give up and I'm glad you're here because it means you haven't too! 

 Chemistry, Biology and Physics: SL and HL 

Chemistry and Biology were stronger subjects of mine, I was better able to understand betters a bit better than most. Our expert tutors have similar experiences to me, especially with Physics!

Economics and Psychology: SL and HL

As I have tutored a student from a 5 to a 7 in their Econ final, I'm sure I can show you a thing or two. As for Psychology, we have outstanding experts. 

Our Reviews

Hear from the wonderful students and parents about their experiences with IBe45!

"Richard has been an amazing tutor this past few terms and my grades have EXPONENTIALLY increased after being tutored by him! ...He is funny, friendly and most of all a great teacher! I highly recommend IBe45 for anyone struggling to keep up and understand subjects in class, as well as those who want someone to proofread, give feedback and help them through any assignments! 10/10."

M. S

Year 11 Student

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